Greatness Adjacent is a peek inside the worlds of people who inspire me and have achieved success in what they do, no matter how unlikely the dream seems. I’m amazed by people all around me. I’m fascinated by origin stories. I want to hear about the journeys, the trails that were blazed or the paths that were stumbled upon. II love it all. The triumphs and the missteps, the twists and turns. Twists and turns are so good to hear about; people making magic out of real life is the stuff that rivets me.

Jenny Lind

I’m Jenny, a wife, a mom of 2, jack of all trades and a master of none. With 100s of jobs and no career on my life resume, this podcast is my master class on real people following their bliss and succeeding at what lights them up.

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Episode Blogs

  This woman is grace personified. She had a master plan for her life. Everything went according to her plan until she had her daughter, Arizona, thirteen years ago. Arizona is on the Autism spectrum. At first, the diagnosis felt dark and hopeless. She was lost, her husband wanted a divorce. For the past eleven years, Susanna has devoted herself to helping Arizona. In the process, she learned basically everything there is to know about
  Katie McGuinness is an actor who has been steadily working for over a decade. She never stopped or got side-tracked, no matter what. She is dedicated to the craft of performing, but she’s also dedicated to living in a world of real ensemble playing. She creates her life as a troupe member with her friends and long-time actor boyfriend, forever being creative together, bouncing ideas off each other and helping one another venture into
  Leona West Fox is an exceptional nutritionist, herbalist, and functional medicine practitioner. She walks the talk and it shines through in her glowy skin, zest for life, and long list of clients who trust her. She found her calling at age 16 when she got very sick. She was way ahead of her time making kombucha in her kitchen, learning about meditation and realizing how food can be the best medicine…as a teenager! She
  Seth Santoro is a psychic, medium, intuitive and coach. After 20 years as an HR executive, he realized he had energetic gifts. In the past 6 years, he’s honed his gifts, studied, gotten certified as a coach, built a business and wrote a book (How I Learned to Smile from The Inside). He does everything from bereavement sessions to prenatal readings, to animal readings to mediumship readings to intuitive business coaching. His husband is
  Leah and I share over 30 years of friendship. I love her and our long history makes her one of those friends that fortune gifts you with as a forever person. She’s a seeker and creative visionary. She’s been a writer, a stylist, an RIE enthusiast/educator, a blogger, a regular on a reality TV show (There Goes the Motherhood), a music student… but that doesn’t even really scratch the surface. She’s a devoted mom
GA 21 | Becoming A Star
  Jessie Collins is an actor whose been on Broadway with a few of the biggest talents out there, starred on many TV shows, and been in some great films. Juilliard trained and rural Texas raised, she grew up in a cattle ranching family with a young single mom and three sisters. Acting wasn’t something she even knew was a career possibility until luck, fate, or divine intervention showed up in the form of a
GA 20 | Making Things Pretty
  She has a YouTube channel with tutorials called Francesca Make Me Pretty… and she will. Francesca has a degree in art from LMU and has been doing makeup since she was a teenager. Her mother is a hairstylist and her father was an art director. Making things pretty is in her genes. She’s been in the business for over twenty years. She went from working at makeup counters to freelancing to being the beauty
GA 19 | Dance Fitness
  Franki Floro is transforming the dance/fitness world. She teaches Hip Hop, Broadway, Bumpin’ Burlesque, and Flashback Groove. Her classes are packed because they’re so much fun. She welcomes all ages and all abilities. She comes with the hardest of choreography and the most encouraging of spirits. She’s knocked down the notion that great dance classes are only for professionals. She brings all the skills and none of the intimidation which is why people are
GA 18 | How Yoga Changes Lives
  Lauren is a true yogi and beacon in the wellness world. She radiates deep love, compassion and connectedness. She describes herself as an open book and she is. Lauren and her husband, Travis Elliot, are co-founders of their company Inner Dimension Media, an on-line platform with a wealth of classes and courses in yoga, meditation and mindfulness. She teaches in studios throughout Los Angeles. She and Travis lead retreats all over the world and
GA 17 | Raissa Gerona Of Revolve
  Raissa Gerona doesn’t have a degree in business or fashion design. That didn’t stop her in any way from being a key player in building the empire that is now Revolve. As Chief Brand Officer, she saw the potential of Instagram as a platform for business from the very beginning. She had a hunch that traveling the world with influential people would be a brilliant way to showcase the clothes the company was producing.
GA 16 | Manifesting Dreams
  Elisabeth Rohm (@elisabethrohm) will do it, all of it. She’s a hugely successful actress (Law and Order, American Hustle, Joy, Bombshell, to name a few) and an adoring mom. She’s co-written a book, she has a blog for People magazine, she’s a partner with a fitness apparel brand, and she may start a podcast (AKA we bet it’s on everyone’s subscribe list soon). She’s the perfect mixture of incredible artist meets focused pragmatist. Lis
GA 15 | Becoming A Performing Artist
  Alexis Carra @alexisacarra is a Latina dancer, actress, singer, choreographer, teacher, and business owner. Her family is from Cuba, Argentina, and Spain. She started dancing at 2 and was competing by 9. She went to Yale, took a semester off Yale to tour with Anne Reinking’s production of Fosse, then went back to graduate from Yale and shifted her focus to theater. After college, she moved to NY and was cast in musical theater

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