Greatness Adjacent is a peek inside the worlds of people in our orbits who inspire us and have achieved success in what they do, no matter how unlikely the dream seems. Mondi and I are amazed by people all around us and we’re hungry for their origin stories. We want to hear about their journeys. If they took the road less traveled, more traveled or blazed their own trail. We especially love to hear about their failures and missteps. Twists and turns are so good to hear about; pivots make magic sometimes.

Jenny Lind

I’m Jenny, a wife, a mom of 2, jack of all trades and a master of none. With 100s of jobs and no career on my life resume, this podcast is my master class on real people following their bliss and succeeding at what lights them up.

Mandana Sisco

I’m Mandana, a wife, a mom of soon to be 2 and a former sales executive who took a huge leap of faith and jumped the corporate ship after my son was born. This podcast is my reconnaissance mission to see what’s out there for people who are acing their passion projects.

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Episode Blogs

GA 16 | Manifesting Dreams
  Elisabeth Rohm (@elisabethrohm) will do it, all of it. She’s a hugely successful actress (Law and Order, American Hustle, Joy, Bombshell, to name a few) and an adoring mom. She’s co-written a book, she has a blog for People magazine, she’s a partner with a fitness apparel brand, and she may start a podcast (AKA we bet it’s on everyone’s subscribe list soon). She’s the perfect mixture of incredible artist meets focused pragmatist. Lis
GA 15 | Becoming A Performing Artist
  Alexis Carra @alexisacarra is a Latina dancer, actress, singer, choreographer, teacher, and business owner. Her family is from Cuba, Argentina, and Spain. She started dancing at 2 and was competing by 9. She went to Yale, took a semester off Yale to tour with Anne Reinking’s production of Fosse, then went back to graduate from Yale and shifted her focus to theater. After college, she moved to NY and was cast in musical theater
GA 14 | Rightor Doyle
  Rightor Doyle (@rightordoyle). This guy. He’s a personal hero. Out and proud and speaking up about all the right things. The love list is long: An amazing actor, (On HBO’s “Barry”), a superb writer, director, show creator and executive producer (of “Bonding” on Netflix). But then there’s his enduring friendships with many insanely talented women, the fact that he’s the most loving of sons, his attitude of gratitude, his rejection of rejection, hilarious honesty,
GA 13 | Master of Reinvention
  Alison Williams sat down with me while I tried to get a grasp on the vast scope of her work. She’s someone who tastes the full buffet life has to offer and savors every bite. She’s owned and sold multiple successful businesses. She’s a writer, professor, home renovator, former doula and has a new venture she’s started since we recorded this episode. She’s a devoted mother of 2 beautiful girls. She has navigated one
GA 12 | Event Planning
  Beth Helmstetter (@bethhelmstetter) is an event planning sorceress. She conjures up celebrations that are the stuff of dreams – unforgettable, inimitable, and FUN. She floats in, petite, brilliant, tireless in her work ethic, and abracadabras her spells all over her events. She talks to us about how she went from working in non-profit, not even knowing her industry was an industry, to becoming one of its reigning queens, named amongst the “best planners” per
GA 11 | Classical Acting
  The Velvet Voice: This handsome devil came and we talked all things theater. David@daviddesantos paid his dues on stage for years and is now a star on the TNT show “The Kingdom.” Growing up in the San Fernando Valley in the most unconventional of family businesses, he knew he wanted to be an actor since he was five. He’s an actor’s actor, classically trained and all-around lovely guy. — Listen to the podcast here:
GA 10 | Fertility
  The Golden Egg: Dr. Carolyn Alexander @ bheggfreezemd is board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology as well as reproductive endocrinology and infertility. She was hand-chosen by the founding “mom and dad” of reproductive medicine. Her unwavering positivity and endless hope are her signature. She believes there’s always a golden egg and the love she has for her patients shines through her big smile. — Listen to the podcast here: Dr. Carolyn Alexander: The Golden Egg
GA 9 | Yoga Nidra
  Anna Hardwick @ladyhardwick is a real Renaissance woman who proves you can do it all if you love it – an actor, a yogi, a boutique hotelier, a writer, a producer, sometimes landscape architect, and an always inspiration to us. She has taken on every career thoughtfully, making sure it aligns with her values – does it support her acting work, does it create community, calm, and connectedness? Her compass forever points North and
GA 8 | Get Shorty
  The Bright Light: The mega-watt beauty @megsteves visited us before she went to shoot Season 3 of “Get Shorty” on Epix and Netflix. We talked about boys and her business. She’s such a pro. She brings the party with intelligence, humor and the perfect amount of silliness. — Listen to the podcast here: Megan Stevenson: The Bright Light My Megan came by. It was so nice to meet her. Isn’t she so sparkly and
GA 7 | Barre Workout Technique
  The Dream Weaver: Meet this soulful stunner who told us about her journey from actor/singer to a fitness goddess. Marnie @labarbelle has the magic gift of making everyone she’s with feel seen, special, and cared for. She talks about life’s tapestry and how she learned to embrace its beautiful weave. She’s built a thriving studio with every lesson she learned on the way there. — Listen to the podcast here: Marnie Alton: The Dream
GA 4 | The Artistic Activist
  The Artistic Activist: We had the pleasure of sitting down with the radiant Morgan Pansing and she shared her journey with us. Starting as an actor and finding her way to motherhood, photography, community and activism. Her compassion and passion to serve her community, create beauty and do good while lifting others up is pretty incredible and she’s just getting started. — Listen to the podcast here: Morgan Pansing: The Artistic Activist Morgan Pansing
GA 6 | Public Relations
The Spunky Entrepreneur: Dani Cordaro @_dani_rose shared her journey from ballet dancer to Interpol intern to law student to finance analyst to eventually finding her true passion in PR. Dani started Piccolo Public Relations seven years ago, and she talks openly about finding her bliss through hard work, inner guidance, and following your heart’s desire. Her energy and spirit are contagious. — Listen to the podcast here: Dani Cordaro: The Spunky Entrepreneur Jenny, how much

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