Greatness Adjacent is a peek inside the worlds of people who inspire me and have achieved success in what they do, no matter how unlikely the dream seems. I’m amazed by people all around me. I’m fascinated by origin stories. I want to hear about the journeys, the trails that were blazed or the paths that were stumbled upon. II love it all. The triumphs and the missteps, the twists and turns. Twists and turns are so good to hear about; people making magic out of real life is the stuff that rivets me.

Jenny Lind

I’m Jenny, a wife, a mom of 2, jack of all trades and a master of none. With 100s of jobs and no career on my life resume, this podcast is my master class on real people following their bliss and succeeding at what lights them up.

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Episode Blogs

GA 38 | Back To Life
  Daisy is an MVP of my life. She’s an actor, a comedian, a voiceover artist and now show creator, writer, executive producer, BAFTA nominee, BOSS. She found her strongest stride yet as a woman in her 40s with 2 young children. I love her. In addition to her gigantic talent, no one is more real or more fun. Forever my girl, forever want some of what she’s having. — Listen to the podcast here:
GA 37 | Real Life Superhero
  If you were writing her as a character, her accomplishments wouldn’t be believed. The idea of a Nurse Practitioner getting her doctorate (with degrees from Georgetown and Johns Hopkins no less), Licensed, Certified Midwife, Longtime Acro Yoga practitioner/teacher/teacher trainer, former Doctor Without Borders participant, bi-lingual traveling nurse serving remote indigenous communities in Central America and social justice advocate….it seems far-fetched and ridiculous because how could anyone do all that?! Well, meet Katie. She does
GA 36 Lydia Janssen | Creative Journey
  From a baby violinist to a tiny dancer falling in love with ballet at 6 years old, to becoming a world-renowned painter, Lydia has never not lived an artistic life. She’s a tremendous, unstoppable creative force. Nothing has derailed her from being able to express herself with her particular genius-not injury, not initially having very little money, not a pandemic, nothing. From dancer to painter, incredible people have sought her out because her talent
GA 35 | Kim Carruthers
  Kim sculpts bodies, minds, and spirits. She’s a master Pilates instructor, founder of Physical Perfection Pilates. Check out her IG (@physicalperfectionpilates) and you’ll see why this is the perfect name for her studio. She’s a life and wellness coach as well. Her beauty, joy, and power make her a personal icon to me. Her private client list is filled with celebrities and athletes. She has a long wait-list for her private, bespoke sessions. She
Accidental Influencer
  Deva Dalporto is one of the nicest human beings I’ve ever met. This beautiful, smart woman is an actress, a writer, a painter, a mom, and an accidental influencer. She does them all so damn well too. She created a parody video in 2013 that went viral and continues to create hilarious, relevant content that resonates with parents across the globe. Check her out everywhere: @mylifesuckers. She built her brand on love, humor, authenticity, and
  Suze is a brilliant entrepreneur who was the pioneer in making meditation accessible to everyone. A former fashion editor, Suze is the founder and creative genius behind Unplug Meditation. There are 2 gorgeous studio locations in Santa Monica and West Hollywood, and she developed an app from scratch. Her teachers are the best in the field and she has a Teacher Training program with graduates who have opened their own meditation studios all over
  Dave Stine can build one-of-kind, custom pieces for your home. He builds them out of lumber from his family farm that rests on 1,000 acres. But he can also sew. And, his college job was as a diesel mechanic because he speaks cars too. Oh, and he’s an attorney, NBD. Essentially, he’s a unicorn. Dave is an absolute gem of a guy. His work is beautiful, hand-crafted, slow-made and sustainable. He runs his very
  Megan Ferguson is everything I imagined her to be and more. Hilarious, smart, talented, beautiful, honest and all about action over apathy. From her upbringing in the South to a ballerina to an actor to becoming a mom and a good human, she’s real, down to earth and has the most winning way about her. We talk about her career, how she deals with anxiety, how she gives herself and anyone else who may
  Christy Capano is a fantastic interior designer currently working on a dream project in Italy. Her family is Italian and she felt Italy calling her. She up and moved to Florence nearly 2 years ago to work with a couple who purchased a working farm and then painstakingly renovated the foundations of it. Christy gets to transform the inside, drawing inspiration from every part of the land there – from the moss to the
  Big Deal alert for me. Alison Van Pelt is a contemporary artist of exceptional everything. Her skill, her eye, her signature magic blur, her paintings feel 3-dimensional and alive. She’s a treasured American painter who was always drawing as a child but never thought it could be a profession. Her story is such a good one. She shares how, first, Francis Bacon’s works then a quote by him, led her to her lightbulb moment.
  This gorgeous woman can transform anything you wear into clothing gold. With a long roster of top stylists, mega A-list performers and the best couture fashion houses coming to her for help, she’s built her business, Studio Unbiased (@studiounbiased), into the go-to atelier for adaptations, collaborations and custom designs. She’s self-taught, there was nothing traditional in her training. She learned to knit in one day! She can do the most intricate of beadwork. Whatever
  Whitney Leigh Morris (@whitneyleighmorris) lives tiny but mighty. Her home is a rental cottage called The Tiny Canal Cottage on the Venice Canals that she shares with her husband, her son, and their two dogs. Their home is less than 400 square feet with a shared outdoor area of about the same size. Whitney and her husband have poured their heart and soul into the cottage and it’s stunning. Every inch of space sings

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